Sunday, May 29, 2016


    MONDAY, MAY 30TH., 2016
           SUNDAY DRIVER!

      Sunday was one of those perfect
top down days so, after church, my
wife and I headed out for to see where
the road might take us.
       Remembering the old adage that
one should live for today because
tomorrow is not guaranteed we decided
to go for ice cream first, then worry
about dinner.
        That brought us to our favorite
Ice Cream Shop, "Incredible Edibles"
in Nescopeck. I've never had so much
great ice cream for such a reasonable
price in all my life. But this stop was
even better because I realized I had
filled out one of the establishment's
punch cards on my last stop! That
made me eligible for one free serving
this time...bringing my total bill for
two treats to $1.50!
         The great day continued with a
cruise through Berwick, where I once
worked as a DJ, to the town of
Lightstreet, near Bloomsburg, where
we stopped at the Heritage House, a
restaurant that's been around for a
long time, all be it, under different
          We enjoyed a wonderful
dinner which included some great
values on their "Senior Menu." Good
thing I let this grey grow in my hair!
Of course I had to vouch for my
wife! No need for desert.....but we
had some anyway!
         After that a slow, enjoyable
drive back home so we could rest
up for our Memorial Day family
cook out!
          Hope you enjoy your day
and that all your NEWS is good!  

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