Saturday, May 28, 2016


   SUNDAY, MAY 29TH., 2016

     My community is whole again!
The Giant is back. And in this case
the Giant is a Hot Dog!
      Most every town as its local
Hot Dog stand. In Hazleton it's
Jimmy's. In Sunbury it's the Squeeze
In. In Scranton it's Coney Island and
you've got two to choose from!
      Here in Plains Township the
name Torony's has been home of
the Giant hot dog for as long as
most people can remember.
      The family business began
with a small wooden stand next
to a gas station along Route 315.
I can remember people sitting on
the few stools out front or standing
around waiting for their "foot long"
topped with onions, chili, and
       Locals would talk politics,
gossip, or sports while visitors
would just take in the delightful
fragrance that filled the air as the
hot dogs and fries cooked on the
       A few years back the little
stand closed and the operation
was moved to a larger building
near the Mohegan Sun Casino.
The Giant hot dogs were still as
good as ever. But the crowds
        Seems casino goers weren't
the type to stop for a hot dog
along the way. Funny because I
always considered the dogs a good
bet! I stopped in whenever I got a
craving and there was never a wait.
        Then awhile back I was
surprised to find the place closed.
I thought it was some kind of a
seasonal move. But eventually it
became clear it was not to reopen.
         Thankfully the family was
using the down time to find a new
location a bit more fitting for hot
dog hungry customers. It's still
in our community and I found it
yesterday. I was happy to see the
Giant back even though the crowds
had returned as well and I waited
some 40 minutes for two "with
         Hope business is good, the
lines just a bit shorter, and that
all your NEWS is good!


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