Wednesday, May 11, 2016


   WEDNESDAY, MAY 11TH., 2016

        I saw a lot of stones today. I saw
them underfoot as I marched, like the
Roman Legions, throughout the city
of Florence, Italy. It seemed like a
hundred miles. But that's just because
we enjoyed a long walking tour of the
city over marble and cobblestones set
down a whole lot of years ago!
       It's kind of amazing when we
think of historical places in the
United State which may be 200 years
old. Around here 200 years would be
consider new construction!
       Our Travelworld tour included
a look at some other "stones." Several
granite stones carved into figures by
a fellow named Michelangelo a while
back. His art work draws millions of
people to this historic renaissance
town each year. A couple were
started but left unfinished when the
guy was called to Rome to paint a
ceiling I a chapel there. I thought
about working on them while I was
here. But the guards suggested the
only rocks I'd end up breaking would
be at hard labor...and not in any
        Maybe I'll just start a rock
garden when I get back. Hope it's
not hardtop grow rock...and that
all your NEWS is good!

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