Sunday, May 8, 2016


     MONDAY, MAY 9TH., 2016

         Well dear readers, the day
has arrived. Today my wife and
I lead 44 other adventure seekers
and head across the Atlantic on a
trip to Italy. Travelworld has
arranged a wonderful tour and
we're anxious to visit the land
from which part of both of our
families originated.
        My wife was actually there
once before and I did manage to
visit one small town on a trip we
hosted to Switzerland a few years
        I have already been cautioned
not to expect to find either Grotto
or Old Forge Pizza there!
        My special thanks to Karl
who has moved into our home
to watch over things during our
trip. Since he doesn't drive we're
just hoping we left enough food
for the guy! At least he won't
have to tend to the grass. We
recruited my grandson for that!
        Because of the time difference
and unknown Wifi availability my
blog postings may be a bit erratic
so I hope you're bear with me.
       I've prepared myself as much
as possible for the trip by watching
the Godfather epic. Since I'm from
Hazleton "back in the day", much
of it was just a review. I do think
I may have misheard what they said
in one scene because we already ate
the cannoli's!
       Hope our tour is great and that
all your NEWS is good!


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