Monday, May 23, 2016


  TUESDAY, MAY 24TH., 2016

      My wife celebrates her
Birthday today! She does it every
year on this same date. I don't
think that's a coincidence.
      All the kids have already
asked what she'd like in the way
of a present. And she's responded
as she usually does by saying
she doesn't really need anything.
      She views our recent trip
to Italy as my gift although, in
reality, my job as a host probably
could not be done without her
      In fact most of the things I
do could not be done without
her support and assistance!
The blog may be an exception.
She sort of let's me alone to put
that together. So, today, I
thought I'd dedicate it to her.
      There are some roses as
well and tentative plans to
head to our favorite restaurant
late this afternoon to celebrate
       Thanks for all you do my
love! Hope you have a very
Happy Birthday and that all
your NEWS is good!

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