Friday, May 27, 2016


  SATURDAY, MAY 28TH., 2016
            HAIL CAESAR!

     We heard a lot about history
during our visit to Italy this month.
And it's amazing how many historical
structures or, in some cases, the ruins
of historical structures still stand
      But one of the stories we heard
still leaves me astonished and, at the
same time, a bit bewildered!
       Some 55 years before Christ
walked this earth, Julius Caesar was
involved in the Gallic War. In order
to secure his eastern border against
marauding Germanic tribes Caesar
ordered his legions to build a bridge
over the Rhine River to show the
enemy his ability to go anywhere
and attack at will.
      Now here's the thing. They
built that bridge in ten days! Then
they crossed it and watched the
enemy flee. After that Caesar had
his men return and disassemble
the bridge as they did!
      A bridge build in ten days to
carry Roman legions over a river!
      I don't know who did the design
work. But I think it's safe to say
non of his descendants are working
for PennDot! Repair and replacement
work on several Interstate bridges
near our home have been going on
for months and I've seen no sign of
any of those projects being finished
anytime soon!
       We certainly seem to have
"legions" of state employees
"working" on the jobs! Of course
Caesar's men weren't paid by the
hour. Now I'm wondering if
Brutus might have been a union
       Hope they get done soon and
that all your NEWS is good!

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