Saturday, May 21, 2016


  SUNDAY, MAY 22ND., 2016

   The signs are popping up on
utility poles and the tents are being
set up in neighborhoods throughout
the area. It's Yard Sale time!
    My daughter and her family got
in on the action quickly and I was
surprised by the number of people
who stopped by to browse while
I sat on her front porch.
     Our church held its own version
on Friday and Saturday. Here again,
I found a comfortable chair and
watched my wife and grandson as
they looked over all the items that
were once so important to people
but had now found their way to the
yard sale circuit.
      I could never get very involved
in these sales. Too many clothes and
dishes to suit my taste. I let it up to
others to find the bargains.
      Wait a minute! Is that a dvd player/
recorder on the back of that table just
within my view. I suppose it could be
worth a look. But only a look mind
you. It does look pretty clean and in
good shape. And the owner tells me
it works. I don't suppose it would hurt
to check the price. Ah there it is on a
piece of masking tape on the bottom
of the unit.
        Two dollars!!!!!!! Sold!
        Hope I can find some more
great deals as we check the yard sales!
And, of course, that all your NEWS is

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