Monday, May 2, 2016


  TUESDAY, MAY 3RD., 2016
          CLEANING UP!

     I'd like to believe my blog had
something to do with it. But it's far
more likely a coincidence that a
large group, probably students, took
to the road near my home last week
and began to pick up trash and litter.
      The small army, dressed in
reflective safety vests, and armed
with huge trash bags, made its way
up hill from an area near the Wilkes-
Barre Vo/Tech School, or whatever
they call it these days, and gathered
everything and anything they could
pick up.
      The "take" always surprises me.
There's the usual ton of food wrappers
from McDonalds, Burger King, and
every other fast food joint within 5
miles or so, along with discarded
tires and beer bottles. I stress
bottles because the "can collection
crews," individuals who come by
every so often, had already claimed
most of the available scrap metal
to sell to area recyclers.
      Some items, however, were a
bit of a surprise to me. Who, for
instance, took the time to dismantle
their toilet and haul it off to a grassy
spot just off the roadway? With all
the Joe Johnnies around I sort of
doubt it had been in use somewhere
in these woods.
      In any case it, and all the other
junk has been identified and bagged
and is now........sitting along the same
      Hope somebody picks up the bags
and that all your NEWS is good!


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