Sunday, May 1, 2016


SUNDAY, MAY 1ST., 2016

    Well the ceremonies are over
and my son and his bride officially
begin their lives as man and wife.
     The wedding was beautiful.
 The Bride and her party stunning.
 The groom and his men handsome.
 And a fantastic day and evening
shared by many family and friends.
The sky was just cloudy enough to
remind us all that "into each life a
little rain must fall."    
      And, sure enough as my wife
and I awoke this morning we could
hear the water falling.
      Unfortunately, in our case, it was
falling inside our motel bathroom!
Seems someone in the room above
ours had left water running in a sink
or tub that wasn't draining! Well, at
least not down the traditional drain.
      So an hour before we had decided
to get out of bed we welcomed a
maintenance man and his Shop Vac
into our room and tried to rest a bit
longer as he dried the floor and got
us some fresh towels.
       Life truly is an adventure and
it's best not to worry too much because
you'll never get out of it alive anyway!
       Hope we can get a discount when
the Manager comes to work....and that
all of your NEWS is good!


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