Friday, May 13, 2016


  FRIDAY, MAY 13TH., 2016

       My wife and I were railroaded
today! But it's all good.
       This "railroad", actually a cable
car tram, carried us up the side of a
mountain and into a tiny Italian town
you might have expected to see back
in the early 40's.
         Montecatini Alta is a community
literally built on top on a mountain. I
half expected to see Michael Corleone
walking with his bodyguards through
the town or along the narrow streets
where backyard gardens are full of
Olive trees.
        Our Travelworld Tuscany tour
hits all of the popular spots like
Florence, Venice, and Rome. But
the quaint quality of this village
seems about as Italian as you can
find anywhere!
        I did, however, manage to find
what I'd consider a taste of America
as well!  A Strawberry sundae! I
love when cultures collide!
        Hope the tram waits for me to
head back...and that all your NEWS
is good!

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