Tuesday, May 3, 2016


      WEDNESDAY, MAY 4TH., 2016 
              DAYS AT THE PARK! 

     Our favorite Amusement Park, Knoebels,
got some more national recognition Tuesday.
I'm not surprised. It's been a favorite stop for
my family for years. And it's outlasted a
surprising number of other parks that used to
exist right here in our own backyards!
      I was thinking about some of them as I
watched a TV special on Knoebels. I wonder
how many you remember?
      Hazle Park, in West Hazleton, was already
on its last legs when I was a little kid. But I
still remember a merry-go-round and a whip
ride that were running up until about 1952.
       Toby Park was just a small place set up
along Route115 not far from Blakeslee Corners.
I remember riding the little train that ran around
the grounds there. In fact I still have a photo of
the place.
       Lakewood Park at Barnsville in Schuylkill
County lasted till 1984. It's on site theater was
the site of my wife and my first date!
       Many of you probably recall Rocky Glen
and Hanson's at Harvey's Lake. Or how about
Angela Park in Drums outside of Hazleton.
Like many others it fell victim of rising
insurance rates and stiff competition from
the large Corporate parks like Disney World.
        So many memories from those parks
that used to be! We're lucky to have one
like Knoebel's still around to make new
memories for today's kids!
          Hope you've made some good ones
over the years and that all your NEWS is


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