Wednesday, October 12, 2016


         THURSDAY, OCTOBER on nature's 13TH., 2016

     Mr. Rogers used to sing about a beautiful day in
  the neighborhood. You could almost hear him
  singing as we put the top down in the Miata and
  headed out for a ride in the fall sunshine.
      We had been on most of these roads many time
   before. But it's amazing how different things
   looked as the colors of autumn began to show
   themselves. Nothing tremendously bright just yet.
   More like light strokes of nature's brush.
        I would love to have taken a hundred pictures.
   But there's an unwritten "rule of the road."
        Whenever you see the perfect picture, there's
   either no place to pull over or, more likely, there's
   somebody driving right behind you who's in a
   hurry to get somewhere and no place to pass.
         So rather than look for the perfect view, we
   looked for a few perfect "pull over spots" and
   took our chances on the view.
          We weren't disappointed! We avoided
   the Interstates and took some back roads that
   lead off side roads where "Mother Nature's
   canvas" was displayed just about everywhere
   you looked.
          You can get hungry looking at all that
    beauty. So we topped off the cruise with a
    stop at the famous White Haven Diner to
    take advantage of the colorful menu there!
          Hope we get a few more of these sunny
    fall days and that all your NEWS is good.

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