Sunday, October 30, 2016


    MONDAY, OCTOBER 31ST., 2016

    Tis said "Into each life a little rain must
fall." And it did. Sunday!
     The morning wasn't too bad. Fairly
mild under cloudy skies. I was dry heading
into and out of church.
      It looked like those conditions might
last as my wife and I joined our son, daughter-
in law, and two grandkids at the annual Plains
Lions Club Trick or Trunk Halloween party.
But looks can be deceiving!
      Just before the long line of costumed
kids headed for their first truck the skies
opened up dumping some heavy rain on
the crowd which, of course, included me.
      It didn't last very long and the event
proved very successful. Of course I was
already wet.
       As I headed home the rain started
coming down heavier! Then I saw the
flash and heard the thunder!
        Surely my grandson's soccer
game would be cancelled. They had
already sent the kids back to their parent's
cars. one was leaving. The Ref's
said they would wait one half hour.
         So, just in case, I changed out of
my wet morning clothes and started
towards the field in Mountaintop.
          Just before I got there the rain
all but stopped and the game got started,
So I settled in to watch the contest.
          It was going pretty well when
the clouds found where I was sitting and
opened up again! I hoisted my trusty
umbrella above my folding seat and
sat, almost comfortably, while the kids
played in the rain. That went well until
I felt the water running off my umbrella,
and onto my back.
         I celebrated my grandson's team win
by turning up the heat in my car, heading
home, and changing again!
          As I write I am in my third pair of
pants and bound and determined not to
go outside again, whatever happens!
           Hope my socks dry soon, and
that all your NEWS is good!


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