Tuesday, October 11, 2016


                  WHAT'S COOKING!

        I have been assigned to a new chore.
  Each evening, as I head towards the comfort
  of my bed, my wife asks that I return to the
  kitchen and set the timer on our stove to
  one hour and fifty nine minutes.
        Since I generally retire around Midnight
   you might well ask what's cooking that's
   expected to be ready around 2am?
         Truth be told there's nothing cooking!
         The timing device on our stove is
   suppose to emit a beeping sound when
   the timer goes off. On our stove, however,
   the beeping sounds constantly. At least
   that's what I'm told. You see......I can't
   heart it!
           My years as a DJ prior to turning
   to news have left me with a slight
   hearing loss. Apparently the frequency
   of the stove alarm is one that doesn't
   show up in my ears.
          The only time the beeping can't
   be heard by the rest of you is when
   it's in the countdown mode. But the
   alarm can only be set to one hour and
   fifty nine minutes! When that runs out
   the beeping begins!
           Hence my new bedtime assignment!
           Hope I don't get the 2 and 4 am shifts
   and that all your NEWS is good!


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