Saturday, October 1, 2016


      SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2ND., 2016
                CLEANING UP! 

        Today's title is in honor of National
Custodial Worker's Day. That's today.
        Before I entered the world of
Broadcasting as a DJ I was a custodial
worker! I didn't know that though. I
thought I was a janitor.
         I wanted to get into radio. And
my big chance came when the manager
at WTHT is Hazleton said he needed
someone to mop the floors and clean
the bathrooms every evening. Of course
I said "Yes!"
        Who would turn down a job in a
radio studio where you got to see how
everything worked and got paid $15 a
week too!
        It really worked out for me because
after I got done with making everything
shine I got to practice running the control
board since the station was off the air.
        A few months into the job one of
the DJs got sick and I was the only other
person available who knew how to work
the controls. The rest, as they say, is
        Some 55 pus years later I'm still
doing TV programs on Electric City
Television on Comcast. But, so as not
to let me forget my beginnings, every
Wednesday evening my wife makes me
gather all the trash from the waste cans
and take it out with the garbage.
        Hope all you Custodians have a
great day and that all your NEWS is good!

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