Wednesday, October 5, 2016


               WHERE'S SNOOPY?

      The roar was deafening! I was at my
grandson's soccer game and I could barely
       But it wasn't the kids yelling that
filled my ears. It was the roaring motor
of a bi-plane! You know. One of those
World War I style airplanes with two
wings. And it was red!
       Immediately my mind pictured
that 1960's era song by the Royal
Guardsmen that pictured Peanut's
character Snoopy taking to the sky on
top of his dog house to do battle with
the "Bloody Red Barron."
        I have to wonder if a few of the
kids who were suppose to be watching
the ball let their eyes turn upwards a
time or two as the aircraft circled
        I myself glanced behind the
plane wondering if Snoopy might
appear at any moment to shoot down
his foe!
        But it was not to be. Funny how
a memory and your imagination can
conjure up a vision. Just then a whistle
sounded and the roar and applause of
the crowd took over.
        Someone had scored. I'm not
sure who or how. I had been watching
the sky looking for a little dog flying
a dog house and a German fighter Ace
who got shot down himself in 1918!
        Hope I can get that song out of
my head and that all your NEWS is


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