Sunday, October 16, 2016


    MONDAY, OCTOBER 17TH., 2016
                  FULL CIRCLE!

       Some serious thoughts today my friends!
  Yesterday was a very big day for all
  of the people who have spent years working
  on the new movie "All In Time."
       Most of the film was shot in the greater
   Wilkes-Barre area and after winning
   numerous awards at Film Festivals around
   the country the movie came home to the
   city for its area premier!
       I was honored to play a small part in
   the movie. I played the father of "Charlie,"
   our main character. Some of my family
   members volunteered as extras as well.
       It was nice to reunite with some of the
   cast members and producers Chris Fetchko,
   a West Hazleton native, and Marina Donahue.
       And it was great to have so many of my
   family members in the audience for the
   premier as well as a question and answer
   session and a concert by singer Laura
   Shay and the band the Badlees!
        It was a special moment for me because,
 in a sense, it brought me full circle!
        I grew up in movie theaters. I watched
   hundreds and hundreds of pictures and
   watched my Dad, a projectionist till he was
   88, do his job in "the booth", the projection
   room! I'd like to believe he was up there,
   behind that projected beam of light, that
   showed our movie on the giant screen,
        I'll bet he smiled when my short scene
   came up! I was watching the beam from
   the projector about then and thinking about
        Hope you get to see it and that all your
   NEWS is good. 



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