Friday, October 14, 2016


              THIS OLD HOUSE!

     I've been paying a lot of attention to
properties I pass over the past couple of
weeks as Halloween decorations spring
up everywhere. That's probably why I
suddenly realized my community has
the perfect spot for a "haunted house
      Or, better yet, a candidate for 'This
Old House" or "Home Improvements"
on television.
      A lot of us can remember the days
when you had trouble with your TV or
radio and took the appliance shop to
have them repaired.
      Nardy's TV in Plains Township was
one popular place to get those sets up
and running. Or to replace them with a
brand new unit. It had been around for
many years.
       I'm not sure how the building is
being used these days. But those years
are really showing! Since it's just a
block away from one of our main
intersections I'm sure a lot of people
pass the place everyday and wonder
the same things I wonder!
         You've probably heard of
"ghosts" on your TV screen. From the
looks of things there's likely to be a
few in that place!.
          Since it's a local landmark I'd
like to see a little restoration take place.
Maybe a fresh coat of paint? Not
applied by me of course!
           Hope it happens and that all
your NEWS is good!

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