Saturday, October 15, 2016


      SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16TH., 2016
              TRUNK TREATS!

      It's the newest trend for the Halloween
season and it's working out pretty well. It's
called "Trunk or Treat."
       Several civic organizations in our area
and a whole lot of community minded
businesses and individuals have signed on
to make the season fun, but also safer, for
the kids.
        NEPA Mixed Martial Arts held a
Trunk or Treat event yesterday and the
Plains Lions Club has one scheduled for
October 30th. There are others too.
         Kids sporting their favorite
costumes get to walk by cars and trucks
decorated for Halloween and with their
trunks or truck beds filled with treats
for the children.
         The only trunks I saw back in the
day when I went Trick or Treating were
usually filled with some sort of skeleton
or monster waiting, I figured, to jump out
at me!
         Unfortunately, over the years, some
nare do wells here or there pulled some
nasty tricks of their own on kids looking
for candy bars or quarters and the rest of
us started to have second thoughts about
allowing children to go door to door.
         The Trunk or Treat events give
parents a place where the kids can show
off their colorful costumes and get some
goodies they know are safe.
         It might not be the way it used to be.
But judging from the kid's reactions it's
a big Halloween success. My only complaint
was having to turn down treats while
explaining that I was not in costume!!!!
         Hope more people and organizations
get involved and that all your NEWS is

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