Monday, October 3, 2016


            BATTLE GROUND!

    I went to see my grandson's soccer
game yesterday. And things got really
    There was yelling, shouting, and
even an actually threat as the game
wore on. Oh......not from the players.
The trouble involved the fans!
     During the game preceding my
grandson's one of the opposing team's
players was a bit obvious in his use,
or misuse, of his elbows. Obvious,
at least, to many of the fans.
     The referee never seemed to be
in a position to see what was
happening and as the fans, from
"our team" shouted out their
complaints the player flashed a sly
smile and the home team fans
countered with comments of their
      I, as it happens, was seated
exactly between the two factions.
But I remained silent.
      The exchanges escalated until
the grandmother of the player
involved approached the folks
complaining and threated to "put
a punk in the eye" of whoever
accused her grandson of cheating."
For a moment I thought the game
was going to be renamed "Sock-her!"
      Not long after that the coach
of the home team left the bench
and approached the crowd, focusing
on the visiting fans, and asked for
calm. It would have been a good move
had it been made by the referees.
       I would have thought they might
have at least questioned the wisdom
of the coach's interrupting the game
to cross mid field to address the
      At one point I did raise my hands
to those on my left and right and
suggested we let the kids finish their
game. But my efforts had no effect
on the exchange of comments.
      I was thinking of suggesting a
game between the fans after the
kid's contest. But I thought better
of it and just let the game come to
an end.
     As far as I know no one's eyes
were poked with a punk and there
was no actual physical violence.
     One has to wonder, however,
what these young players took
away from these exchanges which
were not offered in stage whispers!
      Sometimes it's good to remember
that a closed mouth gathers no feet!
Hope we fans remember that and
that all your NEWS is good!



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