Friday, October 21, 2016


          INDIAN SUMMER?

     According to all those guys in the
TV Weather rooms we are about to feel
a very cold chill in the air! I don't know
how long it's suppose to last. But I do
know I've been very pleased with the
pleasant warm temperatures we enjoyed
earlier this week.
     I was tempted to call it "Indian
Summer." But according to the old
Farmer's Almanac I'd be wrong!
    Its criteria for an Indian summer
include days of warm weather that
follow a cold spell or a good hard
frost! The Almanac also tells us
those conditions have to occur between
November 11th and November 20th!
    I used to wonder why Indians
(native Americans to be politically
correct) had their own summer. But
the Almanac answered that too.
    It adheres to the theory that the
early settlers felt save to leave their
stockades unarmed once the cold
weather set in. Then you'd suddenly
get a couple warm days and Indians
would show up looking for a fight!
     See how far we've come! These
days a lot of folks are looking for a
fight whether it's warm or cold!
       Anyhow I'd like to a few more
warm days in the weeks ahead and
you can call them anything you want!
Hope they come soon and that all
your NEWS is good!  

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