Thursday, October 6, 2016


    FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7TH., 2016
           PLEASE BE SEATED!

   My grandson got a new car seat! It
is plush. It is strong. And, most importantly,
it is safe!
    Child safety seats have come a long way
over the years. Back in 1970 my daughter's
"safety seat" consisted of her mother's lap
and strong arms!
     These days children under two must be
in an approved safety seat and facing
backwards in the car's rear seating area.
      Of course those safety seats must be
properly installed. Which brings me back
to my grandson's new seat.
      His Mom was kind enough to leave
it with us yesterday so we could take him
to the playground.
      Since it's brand new I knew I'd have
to read the instructions to get it in place
safely. Easy. Right?
      Well it would have been...if I were
able to read Spanish!
       As I placed the car seat in place I
was confronted with instructions
pasted all over the seat. But they were
all in Spanish.
       Of course the English instructions
were on the other side. But if I turned
the seat around to read and follow them
it would have been facing the wrong
       A quick call to my son solved the
problem with his simple word of mouth
directions for installation. All I could
think of to say was "Gracias!"
       Hope it comes out without
instructions and that all your NEWS
is good!


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