Sunday, October 23, 2016


    MONDAY, OCTOBER 24TH., 2016
           DeCOSMO SLEPT HERE!

    You've probably heard it said. "You
can't go home again." But yesterday I
     I bought too few Tea Biscuits when
I visited Sanape's Bakery earlier in the
week so I returned to rectify the situation.
     I don't know why but I suddenly had
a feeling to visit my old homestead.
     I drove around some of the streets
I had walked so often during my growing
up years. Many of the houses and stores
that were there then are still standing. A
lot are showing their age and, in the case
of the stores, most have changed their
appearance and merchandise to appeal
to a new generation of neighborhood
     I was pleasantly surprised to see my
old home looking pretty darn good! The
exterior looked clean and well kept. Some
of the small bushes I remember are still
there, only grown. The back yard that
once served as a Whiffle Ball, Football,
and camping field for all the neighborhood
kids is still there, only shortened a bit to
make room for off street parking.
     In all the place looked pretty much
the same as I remembered it...with one
exception! A "For Sale sign!"
     I guess the folks we sold it to are off
to new surroundings and looking for new
     I wonder if they'll tell them that I once
lived there. That I used to run my Lionel
trains in the basement and made a fort in
the area under the bedrooms. I wonder
if prospective buyers will hear about the
hole in the bedroom window caused by
a bb that came through just above my
head as I played on the floor. I wonder
if anybody knows  I began my journey
in this world right there in the house!
I don't know if we couldn't afford the
hospital or if I was just that impatient...
even then!
     Well I looked it up and according to
the relator's ad you can have this major
piece of my history for a mere $129,900!
I remember my Dad telling us he got it
for 9 or 10 thousand! Guess that's what
they call inflation!
      Hope it goes to a nice family and
that all their, and your, NEWS is good!


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