Monday, October 24, 2016


              END OF AN ERA!

     Christmas will not be the same this
year as one of my favorite Christmas
traditions will likely have vanished.
     After 61 years of operation by the
same family Ledoretti's Gas station in
Plains Township will be closing. Of
course to be more accurate I should call
it Ledorettis Service Station. Or maybe,
to some of us, Ledoretti's Luncheonette!
     The brothers, and one of their sons,
have welcomed customers to their place
for years. And if you happen to be there
around lunch time you're sure to be
invited to share in whatever happens to
be available that day.
      There's no separation of clients and
mechanics at their place. You're welcome
to sit close by as the boys check your oil
or make repairs. In fact it's like an old
time barber shop where the owners and
customers sit around and talk about what's
happening in the community.
      And then there's Christmas! Every
Christmas there's a whole table set up
with home made food and goodies and
they're offered to anyone and everyone
who stops by. Most usually contribute to
the bounty. I traditionally brought in some
kielbasa which they promptly roasted on
their coal fired furnace.
      The brothers are up in years now and
the son can't handle a repair shop on his
own. So the family has decided to sell.
Hopefully there will be a buyer. But
without this family the place can never be
the same. It is the end of an era!
      I stopped by yesterday to save goodbye
although I expect to return at least once 
before they lock the doors. I ended up visiting
for an hour during which I was served a
pancake and, later, some pizza another
customer brought in!
       Not sure how I'll handle Christmas this
year. Hope they set up a table in the empty
garage just one more time! I also hope all
their, and your, NEWS is good!

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