Friday, October 7, 2016



    Oh. Perhaps you know this tasty treat
by another name. The Varenyky is also
called the Pierogy! And today, October
8th, is National Pierogy Day!
     For the two of you who have never
had or heard of it by either name, the
pierogy is a dumpling of unleavened
dough wrapped around a savory or sweet
filling. We usually get them filled with
      The biggest producer of pierogies,
Mrs T's. is right in our own back yard!
In fact, it was on October 8, 1952, when
the son of Mary Twardzik – the real Mrs. T
 – sold the very first samples of Mrs. T's
 Pierogies to his local grocery store in
Shenandoah, PA. Now Mrs. T's Pierogies
produces 600 million pierogies a year, which
is enough pierogies to go the whole way
around the globe, plus another 1,000 miles!
I'm not sure who figured that out. But who
am I to question the placement of pierogies
around our globe?
        I had the opportunity to visit the Mrs
T's factory a number of times as a news
reporter. It's an impressive place with a
lot of very modern equipment.
        But I also remember an area that
seemed to be sealed off from our view
by a big blanket. I'm still convinced it
hides a room where little old ladies
actually stuff the ingredients into the
pierogi shells!
          If my theory is true I wouldn't
change a thing! The product is pretty
darn good.
          Hope we pull some out to
celebrate the day...and that all your
NEWS is good!

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