Wednesday, October 19, 2016


                 ENJOY, ENJOY!

      Wednesday's autumn drive took us,
most appropriately, past the Manny
Gordon Recreation site in Thornhurst.
       Manny served as a District
Forester for many years and was well
know for encouraging people to "Enjoy.
enjoy, the great outdoors!" In his case
it was a sincere wish.
        Those of us in the media all
considered Manny to be a good friend
and a man dedicated to the environment
even after his retirement.
         We could almost hear him calling
out as we drove through beautiful
forest land colored by Mother Nature
for autumn!
         I used to tease him, suggesting
we come up with a way to shellac the
leaves and glue them to the trees so we
could preserve the fall foliage for a
couple months. I never got his
endorsement on that one!
        I'll bet I would have had his
blessing for yesterday's informal tour
       Hope you're enjoying the season
and that all your NEWS is good!

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