Tuesday, October 18, 2016


                   RIGHT ON TRACK!

      During World War II my Dad worker a
Defense job at the American Car and Foundry
Plant in Berwick. They made tanks for the
army. Years later I remember him telling me
they tested the armored vehicles on a track
near the river.
        When I worked in Berwick back in the
60's I would often hear comments about "the
Test Track." But I never actually saw it. Not
until yesterday!
         My wife and I were taking advantage
of the 80 degree October temperatures to
go for a ride. We don't always have a
destination in mind. But yesterday I set out
determined to find the track I had heard so
much about.
          Someone told me you turned at the
KMart. But our first turn lead to a parking
lot for tractor trailers. We decided to take
a quick rest stop at the store before trying
the second possible turn. That proved just
a bit costly as my wife spotted a couple
items on sale. One blouse, one scarf, and
one new outside rug later we learned that
second turn did, in fact, lead to what has
now become "Test Track Park."
         The community wisely decided to
convert the old tank testing ground into
a community park complete with playing
fields, a boat launch, and picnic facilities.
          We decided to test the picnic tables
at the old test track and a quick stop at a
nearby Burger King provided all the
fixings we needed! I'd say the Test Track
Park passed our test with flying colors
(or, in this case, flying, falling leaves
that floated into my car)!
           Looks like we've found another
favorite get away spot for an afternoon
picnic! Hope we get back again soon
and that all your NEWS is good!

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