Friday, October 21, 2016



    Since Friday started out much nicer than
expected in our area.......we started out too!
    Our initial intention was to catch more of
the beautiful fall foliage that's been on display
for the past couple weeks. We found plenty
of that.
     We also had made a mental note about
the delicious smoked wings that are on the
menu at Stiko's Farmhouse restaurant in
Dennison Township every Friday. So we
stopped in and polished off a couple
orders for lunch.
      A lot of places have good food. But
many have their own specialties that bring
people back time after time. After a visit
with my brother-in-law and his wife I
decided another specialty would be in
order for dinner. So we headed for my old
home town.
      There are several great foods natives
associate with Hazleton. Jimmy's hot
dogs, Third Base hoagies, and Senape's
Pizza. Senape's makes a square pizza
that's every bit as good cold as hot. My
taste buds just seemed to be calling out
for a couple slices yesterday.
       We got there around 4, just as the
dark clouds were beginning to cover
the sky. Since the top was down on my
Miata I figured a quick in and out would
be my best bet.
        But while I remembered the pizza
I forgot about some of the other goodies
produced by this landmark bakery! And
there they were...confronting me....Tea
Biscuits, Cinnamon buns, and Cheese
Danish just to name a few!  So, Yes, I
snapped! Or, in this case, senaped!
After all who knows when I'll pass that
way again?
      Hope it's soon and that all your
NEWS is good!


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