Sunday, October 2, 2016


     MONDAY, OCTOBER 3RD., 2016

     Route 590 is just one of those rural
roads that winds its way through generally
quite countryside as it links Lackawanna
and Wayne Counties.
      We road it yesterday to catch our
first glimpse of fall foliage and our last
look at our favorite Bar-b-q stand for
this season.
      Kundla's in Hamlin will close next
week until next Spring so we thought
we'd say good bye with some chicken
and ribs. The summer lines are gone
now so we had our tasty dinner served
up without any wait and shared the
dining room (it was just a bit chilly
outside) with just a handful of people.
     We thought some Apple Cider
Donuts would make a good dessert so
we headed for the near by Ritter's Farm
Market. Apparently similar thoughts
crossed the minds of a couple hundred
other people as the parking lot at the
orchard was just about filled to capacity!
      Their annual Fall Festival is well
under way so folks from around here
and as far away as New York stopped
in to shop for apples, find their way
through the corn maze, and pick out
a pumpkin for Halloween.
      Fearing their attention might
soon switch to the donuts I quickly
picked out a dozen for us. They were
strategically paced right above a
shelf filled with pies. I might have
been able to ignore those had one
not been labeled "Strawberry Rhubarb." 
      The cashier was the one who
asked whether I wanted cider or not.
So, in a sense, you can blame her
for that purchase!
       Hope Fall runs for awhile this
year and that all your NEWS is good!

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