Saturday, October 22, 2016


    SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23RD., 2016
           HOME IS THE SAILOR!

    My niece's husband was kind enough
to help me pull my yacht out of the water
Saturday. OK. So it's not your traditional
yacht. It's an 8 foot Jon boat. (I call it
"Jon Buoy.")
     It's the last remaining vessel in my once
large fleet. OK. So it wasn't exactly a fleet.
But there was a time when I did have three
boats all at the same time. A pontoon boat,
a paddle boat, and my little row boat.
     We kept Jon Buoy at an area State Park
throughout this past season. We figured if
it were that close we'd be more likely to
use it more.
      Ironically, given the fantastic summer
around these parts, it was only used on one
occasion! We actually ruled it out a couple
times because it was too darn hot to sit out
on the lake with the sun beating down and
its reflection beaming your face.
     Since the rental season ends with
October we figured it was time to bring
Jon Buoy back to dry dock for the winter.
      Maybe I'll go out from time to time
and cast an imaginary line into imaginary
lake and catch an imaginary whopper!
At least I won't have to row!
       Hope I'll launch again next season
and that all your NEWS is good!

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