Monday, October 10, 2016


      TUESDAY, OCTOBER 11TH., 2016
                A TASTE OF FALL

     We started seeing some color in the
leaves as we traveled to Knoebel's this
past Sunday for the annual Fall Crafts
Festival there. A slight "nip" in the
air added to that fall feeling.
      But there were also some tasty
treats we've come to associate with
Autumn and we felt obliged to check
some of them out!
      Who, for instance, could walk
past the Funnel Cake Stand when the
crunchy, doughy concoction was
featuring a pumpkin flavored cake
topped with powered sugar? Certainly
not my wife and daughter-in-law.
      I, on the other hand, found it
impossible to ignore the huge pots
of Bean Soup simmering over an
open fire! Add a drop or two of
vinegar and you've got a hardy
bowl fit for a king.....or me.
      My grand daughter opted for
one of her all year favorites...."Candy
Floss!" You may know it better by
its generic name...."Cotton Candy."
       Kettle Corn was another "must
have" for us! But we did pass on a few
temptations. We'll have to wait to next
year to try the Pumpkin Cheesecake on
a stick.
       I never did buy any crafts. But the
fall food was filling and fantastic!
       Hope they keep the treats coming
and that all your NEWS is good!




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