Saturday, October 8, 2016


           MAMA MIA- TA!

    I drove to the Mountain View High
School yesterday to watch my grand
daughter's soccer team. Getting there
was a bit of a challenge.
    I guess District officials aren't big
on publicity. I drew this conclusion
after searching, in vain, to find the
school on my Garman GPS unit!
Another couple assured me the
trouble wasn't in my unit. The school
didn't show up on their GPS either.
    Still we found the field and enjoyed
our team's victory.
     Then I started home! And the
challenge got bigger!
     With the school about 4 miles
behind me and the Interstate some
100 yards ahead my little Miata
backfired and suddenly sounder like
a sewing machine!
      I quickly pulled over and raised
the hood in the ridiculous belief I'd
see something so obvious I'd be able
to make a quick repair and be on my
way. Since that was not the case I
made far more sensible move and
called my son.
      As I described the symptoms
he suggested I look under the hood
again to make sure all the spark plug
wires were in place. Sure enough the
wire leading to one spark plug seemed
just a tiny bit higher than the others.
       I pushed it down and restarted
the car. It was the first time I've ever
seen a spark plug ejected from its
place in my engine! They come out
fast when they're not fastened in
       My son showed up to rescue me.
He actually used a tool to put the plug
back in place. The car restarted and
the plug stayed where it was suppose to least close to it. The car
ran rough suggesting that plug may need
some more work. But at least I as able to
get it back home where the work can be
done by trusted mechanics.
         Hope I get it back better and soon
and that all your NEWS is good.

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