Monday, October 17, 2016


           AN APPLE A DAY...

     You just can't be sure of the weather
in October. So when we get a day nice
enough to put the top down and go for a
ride....we put the top down and do just
      On Monday we checked out the
leaves at Francis Slocum State Park. It's
prime season there and we weren't
disappointed. We stopped to take some
pictures then hit the road again to see
where it might lead.
       In this case it lead to a place
called Brace's Orchard where we
found the doors open and all kinds of
apples set out for interested customers.
       I know there are different kinds
of apples. I've seen labels like
Macintosh, Red Delicious, and Cortland.
But when I looked it up I discovered
there are actually 7,500 different
varieties listed on Wikipedia!
        Heck, I thought my choice was
limited to Red or Green! And since I
don't really know one variety from
another I just bought the biggest ones
they had. I don't think "Big" is a separate
variety. But big and red is good enough
for me!
        My wife spotted the Pumpkin
Butter and suggested she'd like a jar.
So I bought one even though I still can't
understand why anyone would want to
butter a pumpkin.
         As for the Sugared, Apple Cider
Donuts I somehow felt obliged to get
a half dozen. You'll note a couple
missing in the accompanying photo.
Only two made their way home. What
can I say?
        Hope the apples last a little
longer and that all your NEWS is good!

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