Monday, October 31, 2016


                     THE HAUL!

       Judging from the contents of my
grandson's bag Trick or Treating proved
to be very successful this year.
       He returned from his outing and
deposited the contents of his bag on the
living room floor to be sorted. You know.
One pile for potato chips. One for pretzels.
Then additional piles for chocolate,
licorice, and the rest. Enough sugar to
have him and his dentist smiling for
months to come!
       There was a steady flow of
costumed kids visiting his house while
he went to others.
       It used to be that way at our house
too. But no more. Since we had planned
to spend a few hours at our daughter's
house we simply left a bowl of goodies
on our front porch with a sign that read
"Take one."
        Where we returned, however, we
found the bowl untouched. We either
had no trick or treaters or those who
came couldn't read the sign. My wife
wrote it in cursive!
         It's all good though. I consider
the untouched treats to be mine! In
fact I immediately dug into a box of
Cracker Jack! I admit I was a bit
disappointed. The caramel coated
pop corn was a good as ever. But the
"prize" turned out to be a cheesy
sticker! I remember when Cracker
Jacks offered good plastic prizes or
whistles or the like.
       But the rest should be OK. There's
enough chocolate to last me for a week.
OK. Maybe three days.
       Hope I can get this sticker off
my hand and that all your NEWS is


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