Tuesday, November 1, 2016


                        THE CHECK UP!

      I paid a visit to my family physician
yesterday. Nothing terribly wrong. Just a
sort of "thousand mile check up" I suppose.
      My wife and I have an appointment
every 4 months whether we need it or not.
      Yesterday I was greeted, as usual, by
a nurse who carefully reviews my chart,
asks if I've changed any medications,
takes my weight, height, pulse, and
blood pressure.
        My blood pressure was good. I had
a pulse. My height was basically unchanged
(for a couple years). And my weight......well,
I had a pulse!
        Before all that checking though she
asked how I was doing. I explained that
my allergies were acting up a bit. But, other
than that, I was fine.
        Next I met a new doctor who is  still
doing his basic training. He checked my
chart, reviewed my list of medications and,
oh yes, asked how I was doing. I mentioned
my allergies to him as well.
        My doctor joined us then, checked my
lungs and throat and told me my allergies
were acting up.
        I was pretty impressed with myself,
knowing I had nailed my own ailment in
       The end result, and I mean that literally,
was a shot...in the end! Gee, if I could have
done that myself I would have saved
everybody's time and our co-pay!
         Hope the allergies clear up..and that
all your NEWS is good!

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