Friday, November 25, 2016



    Look. I like the holiday season as much
as anybody. But I have to admit the sounds
of the season got me a little jittery when I
heard them Friday.
     A couple radio stations started playing
the traditional Christmas carols on
Thanksgiving. But those aren't the
seasonal sounds I had in mind. In fact I
might have been listening to them as I
went out for a short walk in the morning.
But I forgot my portable radio and my
      That's too bad because the headset
might have covered the sounds of the
season that caused the jitters!
      You see I often walk along a back
road not far from our house. I noticed
a couple vehicles parked just off that
road and even among some trees. I
didn't really think too much about them
until I heard those sounds of the season.
       They were gunshots. Shotguns I
believe. Deep in the woods I'm sure.
But they are the woods near which I
walk. There were five during the
course of my constitutional.
       I know Deer season begins on
Monday so I'm not exactly sure what
season this is. I'm afraid it might be
Turkey. I've been called a "Turkey"
from time to time. I could only hope
those guys back in the woods with
the shotguns didn't know that!
       Of course the first shot I heard
rang out after I was already half
way into my walk so I had reached
the point of no return!
        I whistled all the way back.
I figured good hunters would know
turkeys don't whistle.
        I may switch my route for a
little while.
        Hope that's safer and that
all your NEWS is good.

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