Thursday, November 17, 2016


                SUCK IT UP!

    My grand daughter was kind enough
to give me the leftover popcorn from her
movie visit. I was foolish enough to try
to eat it in the car as I drove home.
     Days later my wife discovered that
some of the popcorn had escaped its
container and found its way into the
small spaces in between the front seats
of the car. She suggested I find my way
to a car wash immediately to, I believe
the term was, clean up my mess!
      I pulled into a car wash close to
home which offers, in addition to the
high pressure water hoses, several large
"Super Vac" units. These massive
vacuum cleaners have huge hoses big
enough to suck up a baseball! Of
course our target was popcorn and
the machine hauled up all but a few
pieces that fell to the ground as the
nozzle was shifted from front seat
to the back.
       The only thing the "Super Vac"
hauled up faster than popcorn....was
quarters! Whoever designed the thing
did some fancy calculations to figure
out just how to shut off the machine
about two minutes before you're
able to vacuum an entire car! So, we
had to feed it twice!
        Now I'm hoping we actually got
it all...and that all your NEWS is good!


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