Saturday, November 12, 2016


             GO GET EM GIRLS!

    Single men. On your mark, Get set!
     It is November 13th, also know in
some parts as "Sadie Hawkins Day!"
     According to
This holiday originated in a cartoon.
     It all began in Al Capp's "Lil Abner
Cartoon in the 1930's. In the cartoon series,
the mayor of Dogpatch was desperate to
marry off his ugly daughter. So he created
Sadie Hawkin's Day.
     On this day, a race is held and all the
single men were given a short head start.
Then, all the single women, including the
mayor's daughter, chased the boys. If a girl
catches her man, he had to marry her.
     Sadie Hawkins races and related events
were a bid deal for many years. But they
generally died out when the comic strip
was discontinued.
     There are still some events today,
usually on college campuses.
      And there's still a town in Ireland
where matchmakers get together one
day each year to get try to get couples
together! Of course in that case it's the
men chasing the women!
     After the harvests in September,
young farmers from all over Ireland would
shuffle into Lisdoonvarna to find themselves
a potential wife, with the help of the
     Sadie Hawkins Day is still specifically
for the women!
     So, if you're male and single, this
is a good day to keep looking over your
      You may want to walk a little faster.
Or, maybe, just stop!
      That Depends on what, or who, you
      Hope you meet your Sadie, and that all
your NEWS is good!

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