Wednesday, November 2, 2016


               BACK TO MY ROOTS!

      I found my self wearing a headset and
sitting in front of a microphone Wednesday.
It was radio! Right back where I started some
57 years ago. Well, sort of!
      I was invited to take a shift during WRGN's
annual Share-A-Thon. It's a fund raising effort
for the Christian radio station based in Luzerne
       I've participated for several years now
although I don't generally support the idea of
a news person soliciting money from the
public. Of course, while I'm still on the air,
on Scranton's Public Access channel, I left the
 "newsbeat" 7 years ago.
       WRGN is a unique operation. All of it's
programming is Christian based and every
penny donated to its campaign goes to cover
the approximate $500 a day it takes to keep
the place on the air. Most commercial stations
couldn't operate for two hours on that budget.
        The station's regular staff teams up with
volunteers like me to run the three day campaign.
         My only problem with the whole thing
is the station's tradition of sounding a siren every
time they add a thousand dollars to the total.
I pulled over twice while driving there only to
find there wasn't a police car in sight!
        On the other hand the programming
offered there brings hope into people's lives
so every thousand dollars probably deserves
some special attention.
         Hope they make their goal and that
all their, and your, NEWS is good!

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