Friday, November 18, 2016



   So all I've been hearing for the past week is
about the snow that's due to arrive in our area
Sunday night into Monday morning. I don't
know how much. I'm not a weather guy even
though many people think I was because I
was always sent out on snow storm stories
back in my days on the news beat. The actual
weather guys usually stayed in side the
studio under those nice warm lights.
     But I digress. On the eve or the eve of
the storm we decided to greet the near 70
degree temperatures by putting the top down
in the Miata and heading out on the road.
      It was only in the high 50's or low 60's
as we started so warm jackets were in order
and, I admit, we began our trip with the
heater on.
      By the time we were an hour or so into
our adventure things warned up quite a bit.
Still, there was a decision to be made. We
discussed it for a moment and decided to
stop by our favorite ice cream shop....IF..
a parking spot was available in front in
the sunlight! Shadows can drop the temp
by 8 to 10 degrees!
       As luck would have it the block in
front of the ice cream parlor was open.
But there was only one spot where the
sun was shining through. We pulled in
there and enjoyed our "cone" before the
storm. Although in our case we favored a
cup over an actual cone.
      A lady pulled in just in front of us a
few minutes later and, for just a second,
I thought she was thinking of backing in
to me! Turns out our spot was right in
front of her house. That extra car length
must have been rough on her!
      Anyway we finished just as she was
letting her dogs out and, rather than
waiting to see if they'd be set on us,
we pulled away to head on home.
        Hope we're able to fight the
storms to get back there soon....and that
all your NEWS is good!

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