Monday, November 7, 2016


  I'm not suggesting there's a direct
connection.......but you should know
that this is Election Day...and Dunce
  Most of us already know about
the election. But very few people
know much about the "Dunce" except,
perhaps, for the image of a school kid
from years ago, sitting in the corner of
a classroom, wearing a cone-like hat
with a point at the top.
  The "Dunce" was always pictured
as the troublesome kid in the class
who wasn't especially smart!
   Lucky for me the day of the
"Dunce" and the "Dunce Hat" were
already long past when I did my
best to get through school!
   In reality, the term "Dunce" comes
from the name of a medieval scholar,
Duns Scotus of Scotland.
  He came up with that pointed hat
because he believed knowledge would
flow from the point into the head of
the person wearing it!
   Some might suggest there are
voters who have made their selection
in previous years while wearing a
"Dunce hat" in the voting booth.
   Dun's theory didn't work very well
and, over the years, students forced to
wear the caps became known as  a
"Dunce" and were usually thought of
as being....well....not very smart.
   And while I still maintain there's no
direct connection between Election
Day  and "Dunce Day" there is
circumstantial evidence that the
previous selections made by some
voters during some elections.......well,
were not very smart.
    Hope you don't get sent to the corner....
did some  studying before you went to
the polls, and that all your NEWS is good!

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