Sunday, November 13, 2016


      MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14TH., 2016

   I've always been a fan of Eurana Park in
Weatherly. It's a community park right out
of a story book. There's a swimming area
local kids use in the summer. Picnic
Pavilions and playgrounds. There's Disc
Golf and Tennis courts. There's even a
Band shell that makes me think I've
stepped into the Twilight Zone's town
of Willoughby!
    And then there's the "Basketball
Building." It's a structure in the middle
of the park with an indoor basketball
    But this past weekend the court was
taken over my members of the Pocono
Mountain Garden Railway Society.
This model Railroad club set up a
beautiful train layout and invited the
community in, free of charge, to
enjoy the display.
     Several members of my family
took advantage of that invitation, much
to our delight. I was especially thrilled
to see a working model of a "Bud Car"
(a self propelled passenger car) exactly
like the full size version I used to take
from Hazleton to, ironically, Weatherly
when I was a kid. My Mom and Dad
would take me aboard that train then
grab a taxi to Eurana Park! The
same train took to Jim Thorpe where
I boarded the old Lehigh Valley "Black
Diamond" to New York City.
      "Kids" of all ages turned out to
see the display which, I'm sure, brought
back memories for the older ones (like
me) and, perhaps, produced some
new, younger, model railroad fans!
        I hope that's the case...and that
all your NEWS is good!


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