Monday, November 14, 2016


                        I SPY!                             

      About now a lot of folks around this
area are lamenting the loss of those
beautiful autumn leaves that have colored
our woodlands over the past four or five
weeks. There's still plenty of color here
or there. But, for the most part, the leaves
now cover the round instead of the trees.
       I enjoy the fall foliage as much as
anyone. But I also enjoy the opportunity
that comes with the fallen leaves!
       Years ago I pointed out to my wife
that the absence of leaves offers a view
we don't have most of the year.
        It's really great for kids (like me)
when we play the "I Spy game" in the
car. There's really a lot more to see......
if you take the time to look!
        Last week, in a  rural area just a
few miles from I actually turned the
car around to confirm what I thought I
saw in a heavily wooded area. And I
was right! Not far off the roadway in
a spot usually blocked from view by
the leaves I spotted an old cabin. The
property was marked "No Trespassing."
But my camera lens was able to
validate what I saw.
        So close to home. But I never
knew it was there!
        Do yourself a favor and keep your
eyes open. You may be vey surprised
at what you might find!
        Hope you enjoy the "new" view
and that all your NEWS is good!


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