Tuesday, November 29, 2016


                CALL OFF WELL DAY!
  It's the 30th of November....another one of those
bizarre "holidays" that few people know anything
about! But you've got to love this one!
  This is "Stay At Home Because You're Well Day!"
  I kid you not!
  According to Wellcat.com, the creators of this special
day, the objective is to call in "well" to your work. It's
as simple as that. It is, by the way, a copyrighted
   So, if you're reading this first thing in the morning,
you should pick up the phone, call your boss, and tell
him or her you won't be coming in today because
you're feeling really good.
   Chances are there will be a pause or, perhaps, a
good laugh on the other end. Use that moment to
say something like "see you tomorrow' then
quickly hang up, go out and enjoy your day.
   You shouldn't feel guilty. You're being honest.
   Think about how many of your coworkers make
the same kind of call....only claiming they're sick...
then hang up, go out and enjoy their day.
    Anything ever happen to them? Probably not.
    I like the idea of another day off. But the end
of November isn't what I'd call "Prime Time."
    And yet I find that Wellcat.com is affiliated
with a company called Wellcat Herbs which is
based in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Maybe it's a
little warmer there?
    Wellcat.com has copyrighted some 80 "holidays."
    Classics like "Bathtub Party Day, Pick A
Pathologist Day, and Barbie and Barney Backlash
Day" to name just a few.
    With an outstanding record like that it seems
quite clear these "holidays" are serious events!
     In fact I'm so inspired I believe I'll pick up my
own telephone right now, call WYOU  and.........
...oh.......wait a minute. I'm retired.
     Maybe I can ask my wife if I can put off that
"Things To Do List?"
     Hope your boss will understand when you
call in well! Just in case he doesn't you can find
the number of your local Bureau of Employment
Security Office on or in the phone book if you
still have one.
     I wish you well in the future and hope
all your NEWS will be good!


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