Saturday, November 19, 2016


     SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 20TH., 2016

    If you've never see the movie "Willie
Wonka" (either version) you should
probably stop reading now!
     Wonka aficionados know all too well
that Willie could never produce his
scrumdiddlyumptious candy products
without his dependable assistants.
      Gertrude Hawk Candy doesn't
have any Oompa Loompas. My wife,
daughter, grand daughter and my
daughter's exchange student were
looking for the little guys as they
joined thousands of other folks
who turned out for the company's
Open House Saturday.
       What Gertrude Hawk does
have is a staff of dedicated and
creative employees who seem
very proud to show off their
work and their artistic talents.
        During open house each
production line adopts a theme.
The workers set up props and
wear costumes to support their
theme and the visitors get a
chance to vote for their favorite.
        This year, for instance, there
was a Wild West theme and a
"Frozen" theme just to name two.
         Of course the long line of
visitors are also offered samples
of all those delicious Gertrude
Hawk chocolates! I doubt
anyone turns down that offer!
          So, with plenty of
chocolate, imaginative displays,
and a friendly work force......who
needs Oompa Loompas!
          Hope Slugworth doesn't try
to steal this idea.....and that all your
NEWS is good!

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