Monday, November 28, 2016


           STICKER SHOCK!

        I was left very disappointed by my
    snack last night. Oh it tasted just fine.
    What got me was the sticker shock.
         Don't get me wrong. The price
    was reasonable. Still, it was the
    sticker shock that got me. I
    mentioned this back around
    Halloween/ But it's time we really
    got into it!
          You see my snack was a box of
    Cracker Jack. Heck you remember
    those famous treats. They're even
    part of the 'Baseball Anthem!"
          They've been around since 1896.
    In 1912 the company started to include
    a prize in every box.
          It always seemed like a great deal
    to me. Molasses flavored caramel
    coated popcorn. Some peanuts. And
    a prize!
          And the prizes were kind of neat.
    Not big. But neat. Maybe a little
    plastic airplane. Or a flute. Maybe
    a decoder ring or something like that.
           But yesterday when I opened
    my box all I found was a little
    sticker. I'm think you're suppose to
    use them to redeem a game or
    something from the company. It was
    pure sticker shock!
            Maybe I can find some really
    old boxes somewhere. I know the
    popcorn would be stale. But the
    prizes would be neat! Hope I get a
    decoder ring..and that  all your
    NEWS is good!


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