Tuesday, November 8, 2016



     Well all the votes have been cast but the
chaos continues. But that's as it should be
because this is November the 9th., which
is "Chaos Never Dies Day!"
      This is a day designed to recognize the
turmoil in modern, everyday life. The campaign
that ended yesterday created plenty of turmoil.
And as watched the votes coming in from
around the country and heard the "experts"
dissecting the results it sort of looked like
everybody was trying to get a head start
on 'Chaos Never Dies Day!'
       Of course you don't need an election for
chaos! Most folks find all kinds of unexpected
things they've got to deal with everyday that
have nothing to do with politics. At least
traditional politics.
        My wife faced it on yesterday day when
she asked which of two left over dishes I'd
like to have for dinner. My answer....neither!
So a simple micro waved entrée was turned
into a cooking assignment. Of course in this
case I created the chaos rather than suffering
from it. I think that's the way to go! Start it
don't endure it!
        Today I'll be joined by my 15-month-old
Grandson and I suspect we'll both celebrate
the day by causing as much chaos as we can
get away with!
        Hope you'll shake things up a bit too and
that all your NEWS is good!

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