Wednesday, November 30, 2016



     Well December showed up right on
schedule so the countdown to Christmas
has officially begun.
       I'm a bit behind schedule myself.
We had hoped to start on decorations
the other day, But the weather put a
damper on that.
        While we were inside, rather
than out hanging lights in the rain, the
spirit showed up right in our living
          It was the first of what I'm sure
will be many showings of "A Christmas
Carol." This one featured Reginald Owen.
It's from 1938. Four years before I saw
my first Christmas.
           There have been many versions
over the years including one with an old
west setting featuring Hazleton's own, the
late Jack Palance.
            When I was a kid my parents,
brother, and I used to sit around an old
phonograph every Christmas eve and
listen to the story narrated by Lionel
Barrymore on a set of 78rpm records.
              To me the story s as much a
part of Christmas as those outside
decorations and the tree.
              I've got a few versions on
tape and dvd. I've even got those old
78rpm records. Maybe I can listen to
and watch them while my wife does
the decorations. I wonder that she'd
think about that?
              Maybe I'd better not ask!
              Hope we catch up with the
season soon and that all your NEWS
is good!   


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