Sunday, November 27, 2016


       MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28TH., 2016
                     GREAT MINDS......

      I borrowed my grandson for a couple
hours Sunday while his Mom and Dad were
tied up on a project.
      It was too cold for a walk outside. I
thought I might take him to the mall for
a walk inside. We were actually headed
that way when I spotted the sign outside
the Oblates of Saint Joseph in Jenkin's
Township. It read 'Train Show, November
27th. ' And guess what? It was November
27th! No second thought needed. We were
going there! Just a moment later my cell
phone rang..
      It was my son. He just wanted to tell
me had seen a sign about a Train Show
in Jenkin's Township just in case we were
in that neighborhood. I told him we were
not only in the neighborhood....we were
in the Parking Lot!
      Great minds!
      The little guy and I went inside and
took in all the wonderful railroad
atmosphere! There were all kinds of
trains for sale and several really neat
working layouts too.
       One, just about at eye level for
my little buddy, caught our eyes right
away. He watched intently as the
locomotive made it's way around the
track. I was thinking it would be neat
if he could hear the whistle.
       Just then the operator hit his remote
switch and sounded the train whistle!
      Great minds!
      We enjoyed some wonderful time
together watching the trains on display.
There were some neat toy cars too and
I was giving some thought about
getting a small one for him as a
"treasure" from the show.
       Minutes later one of the vendors
showed me a little toy truck and asked
if it would be all right to give it to my
grandson! "Of course" I said "and
thank you so very much!"
        Great minds!
        Hope the stop made a memory,
and that all your NEWS is good!


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