Monday, November 21, 2016



    I made a stop at Boscov's in Scranton on my
way to do my program on Electric City TV.
    Although "Black Friday" crowds were still
five days away it was pretty oblivious there
were a lot more people shopping than usual.
     I found it really neat to look at the
shoppers as I headed down the escalator from
the second to the first floor. The "aerial view"
brought back memories of my home town
Department store back in the day. It was the
Leader Store.
     We didn't have any skyscrapers in the
city of Hazleton. But when you were "going
up" in any of our taller buildings you likely
rode an elevator. And all the elevators back
then had operators. You know, a man or
woman who asked what floor you were
headed for, shut the gate-like door, and
whisked you to your destination!
      But the Leader Store also had an
escalator. A true wonder to a young boy!
Stairs that moved all by themselves so
you didn't have to!
      I, and I'm sure many of my friends,
used to visit the store just to ride up to
the second floor, then go back down.
Sometimes we'd take a few steps
backwards to extend the ride. Unless,
of course, there were customers on
the steps behind you. You never
wanted them to know you were just
in the store for the ride!
      There was a third floor too. But
visits there were limited to December
when Santa set up shop.
       Funny. On Monday I watched the
customers checking out all the
merchandise. When I was a kid I was
more concerned about clerks who
might be watching me. I didn't know
if there was a rule or policy about
riding the escalator without ever
buying anything.
       The Leader Store is long gone
now. I often wondered what they did
with the old escalators. I wonder if they've
been recycled?
        Anyway it's good to know there
are others around and still operating.
One of these days, when I've got no
particular destination in mind you just
might find me riding one up, then down,
just for the heck of it.
        Hope the clerks don't mind and
that all your NEWS is good!


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